Nick Block, Boston College, German Studies

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Office hours for the Spring Semester 2022 are
Monday 11 - 1 pm
Wednesday 12 - 1 pm
Where? Lyons Hall 201A

Feel free to drop by, but it is recommended to schedule a 15-minute appointment. Once all of the time slots are booked, the calendar times will turn gray. If nothing works for you, arrange another time with me:

In case it has been agreed to meet over Zoom instead of in person, the link is

TA office hours. In addition to my office hours, German-language students can attend the hours of the TAs by dropping by Lyons 201E.
Montag, 11-12 Uhr, Matthias (Tutor aus Deutschland)
Dienstag, 15-16 Uhr, Holly
Mittwoch, 14-15 Uhr, Molly
Donnerstag, 12-13 Uhr, Sean
Freitag, 9-10 Uhr, Ryan

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